I Have The Plague… What Happens Now?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done one of these and because of that we have a lot to cover and a lot to discuss. A lot of updates have happened and a lot has changed. From Pestilence To Now, what has went down? Before we go into that, I was to discuss some things. Even though I have had some absence from writing for the past couple of months, my play time in the game hasn’t. So, before we get into the nitty gritty of patch notes, updates and the like let’s talk about what I like and dislike shall we?

As you know there is an abundance of survival games in early access and it sort has died down somewhat in the last part of 2017. Luckily it’s allowed some other games to flourish and make a name for itself. The Black Death has been one such game. We’ve had a lot of games come out in the survival genre that really hasn’t been up to par with other standards. We’ve had other games that have been up to bar but soon fell behind. So, what sets this apart from the others? What makes it special and worthy of the support and playtime?

Consistency is a big part of this. We’ve had stable updates that have come at a fairly decent pace and each update adds a lot to the game, whether it be content wise or squashing bugs. The majority of the updates that have been released so far has added a lot of content and then updates beyond that either add more things or expand on things added already. It’s something I have found very comforting.

When you are in this phase of development and gamers are buying into your early access product, this is what you want to show. You want to show consistency on updates and community involvement. That is something a lot of people get frustrated with when they sink their money into a “unfinished” product. Lack of updates, lack of communication and among other things will ruin a early access product.

Now, everything isn’t perfect in the world. We do not have the player base that other survival games do. This isn’t a bad thing as many people seem to make it out to be. We have seen games with way bigger player base not consistently update their game and it gets stale and with that people will leave in droves So, instead we have a game getting consistent update so that when we do leave early access and officially enter launch phase, those type of features will already be in the game and hopefully people won’t get as bored as they did with previous survival games.

I’m okay with not having that player base as of right now, I would feel more in trouble if we were in launch phase. That is when I would be worried to be completely honest, so I feel that this should be a non-issue for right now. I can’t tell you how to think or how to feel about this issue but just think about that when complaining about the player numbers. It’s one thing that I don’t discuss very often because I do believe it’s a non issue.

Right then, so what are the issues then? What would I find so glaring that I would need to bring it up? There are a couple that I could bring up, but I would like to do that in due time. There is one thing I would like to bring up and discuss in a more direct manner. I think this has to do with me personally, I think I would love to see more giveaways/sales. This could potentially eliminate that non issue I talked about, even though I believe it to be a non issue, it isn’t to other people and a lot of people gauge player population before buying a game.

It happens to every genre that has a online component. “How healthy is the game!?” “Is the game dying?”

It is asked in many different ways but the the question still remains the same and to a lot of new people that is scary. I think a simple remedy is to get with their publisher GmG and have some giveaways, or even some more sales on the game whether it be a direct cut to the price of weekly sales. You know what I am saying? How do you think that would affect the game?

Don’t get me wrong, since my coverage of the game I don’t think they have done anything wrong to make the game worse, every update, every communication they bring to the community has helped the game in some sense. It could be wishful thinking but I believe that trend will continue into this year and into launch. I do believe the game is closer to being able to launch but not there yet as well. That may sound confusing but let me explain before I see some pitchforks come out and try to kill me.

The game has come such a long way since early access launch, there is no doubt about that and I don’t want to take that away from them one bit. Even though we have had constant updates to content, optimization and other things I do not believe we are close to being able to launch. We have all the pieces there, we have yet to connect them all in a complete manner. So, we are halfway there correct? At least they have the pieces we just need to connect them in the correct way. Right? Right.

So, we talked about some issues the game has and some that I believe shouldn’t really be an issue. I would like to know what SiG thinks the issues are right now? Being completely honest, I do wanna know what they think the top priorities of the game are. They have talked about the priorities and issues of the game and the transparency has been top notch. Again, in 2018 let’s keep that going.

We have a lot to look forward to this year. With that being said, in part two of this, I will be going over patch notes and anything else. As always, thank you for being so supportive of this series and I will see you all in the next post. Cheers!



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