The Plague Is Everywhere…[P2]

Phew, it’s been awhile and a lot has happened since my last post. I apologize again for all the tardiness when it comes to these. Before I begin officially I would like to apologize and say that the new short story post is on its way. A huge thank you to Emily from SiG and […]

The Plague Is Everywhere…[P1]

And we’re back! It’s been awhile and while I was on hiatus there has been some updates to the game. We are on version 0.15 now. SiG has been ramping up in the update department and it’s been a joy to see that. Yes, there will be patch analysis posts in the future. I want […]

Survive The Plague… [P16] [Final]

It’s the end of the beginning… We are at the end of this series but it’s not the end of The Black Death for the gaming gospel. What does this mean? This means that this is a very special edition. Like I said, it is the end of the beginning. What exactly are we going […]

Survive The Plague… [P14]

Round 14, let’s go… I was thinking last time I was writing how much I went off-topic and I want to apologize for that. It wasn’t rushed, I guess I was trying to get back into the groove of things and failed. This will I will try to make up for it and do my […]

Survive The Plague… [P13]

It’s good to be back. Due to real life issues there was/has been a huge delay in me being an active part of the Champion’s Council and an active part of the community in general. I want to formally apologize for that and there will be a lot more TBD content coming down the road. […]

Survive The Plague… [P12]

Author’s Note: This post will be a tad out of date. Part 13 will be up-to-date. Giveaway was completed and winner was already announced. Next giveaway will be March 15th. Real life things have been complicated and Saturday there will be a up-to-date blog post. Again, I apologize for the delay. It’s finally official, the […]