Survive The Plague… [P11]

My goodness, it is 2017 and we are officially on part 11. I’m extremely humbled by the response and support of this series. This year, I will be publishing a lot of content for this game. Along with this series, there will be stories and a ton of giveaways. I stated before that I will […]

The Doctor Of Mercia [P4] [Chapter 4]

Chapter 4 I, The Reaper Another proclaimed cure had arrived, by the French. We did not know that the plague stretched that far. This was by far the biggest news since what happened to the Queen. A concoction was sent to us by sea. It was called “Vinaigre des quatre voleurs”. It was new to […]

The Doctor Of Mercia [P3] [Chapter 3]

Chapter Three Sticks And Stones The kingdom was purged of everything that had to do with the plague. They even killed and burned everyone who was placed in the special plague building. They believed they had cleaned themselves of the plague and it was just a matter of time till this was all over. Sadly, […]

The Doctor Of Mercia [P2] [Chapter 2]

Chapter Two Death And Taxes “Day 83. Gregory is not getting better but he’s not getting any worse either. I don’t know what to think of this. It’s only been a day but he’s not coughing as much. Everything else is the same. Should I give him more of her blood or just wait and […]

The Doctor Of Mercia [P1]

Chapter One Survival I barely knew my father. Apparently, my mother met him when they were teenagers and they fell in love. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor either, but lived in a humble house and we were happy. I was young when it happened. My father was called to Queen’s Province. You see […]

Survive The Plague… [P10]

It’s time to return to our normal series since we got all the announcements and awesomeness out of the way in the last post. There has been some changes to the game since then as well! Some of the servers have been condensed and there will be an engine upgrade soon as well. Be sure […]

Survive The Plague… [P9]

Note: This is an announcement post. There will not be much talk of actual game play. Cheers! I’ve had so much fun so far writing this series and playing this game. I honestly feel really connected to the community of the game and am really grateful to be a part of it. I haven’t felt […]